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icons &&& more by maggie_moozle

icons & stuff by maggie_moozle
24 February 1991
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+ W E L C O M E +
Welcome to Mooz_Iconified, the graphics journal of maggie_moozle. Here you'll find lots of icons and other fun stuff for your LJ!
+ R U L E S +
Yeah, rules suck, but I would highly appreciate it if you followed them.
o1. If you take anything from me, credit is absolutely necessary unless otherwise stated. In icons, I'd prefer it if you credited in keywords, but a mention in userinfo would be alright as well :)
o2. Comments are appreciated, but not necessary. I LOVE getting them, however, so if you want brownie points...
o3. DO NOT STEAL. That seems easy enough, right? As mentioned before, crediting is your friend.
o4. Do not edit any icons you find here. See an icon you like, and want to change it? Tough. Leave me a comment, and I'll be happy to point you in the direction of the original picture.
o5. Want to use my stuff on GJ? Just credit me with something to the effect of "mooz_iconified @ LJ."
o6. Want to use my stuff on Xanga? Tough cookies. Xanga = I hate you.
+ A F F I L I A T E S +
*coming soon*

Want to affiliate with me? Leave a comment in my journal or e-mail me.
+ M I S C +
AWARDS *coming soon*